Product Instructions

Step One


Use the P6 locator template before using Pressure Right to exert pressure on the acupressure P6 point on each wrist.

Step Two


Use the template with the arrow pointing towards the palm. Place the locator template as shown on the wrist crease closest to the palm.

Step Three

STEP THREEAs shown, place your middle (three) fingers of your opposite hand, closely together, and apply your ring finger on the wrist crease nearest your palm. Lift your index finger from the P6 locator to find the perforated location that indicates your P6 pressure point. Mark the P6 pressure point location.

Step Four

STEP FOURSeparate and remove the liner from each adhesive strip (one at a time) and apply the plastic button face side down on your P6 pressure point.

Step Five

STEP FIVEThen apply the wrist strip on the skin starting with the short side first, and then pull the other side of the adhesive strip across your entire wrist area. The wrist strip is not intended to go completely around the wrist. Smooth the edges of the wrist strip for added contact with the skin if necessary. Apply one Pressure Right strip on each wrist.