Pressure Point Inc. Receives Chinese FDA Approval For Its Pressure Right® Nausea Treatment Device and Enters Into Trade Agreement

1030305_02-newsApril 28, 2015, Tinton Falls, NJ – Pressure Point Inc. announced today it has received official approval from the Chinese FDA to market its Pressure Right Nausea Treatment Device in China. The company through its primary distributor will begin to market its non-drug, nausea treatment device to the healthcare community in the People’s Republic of China. The company has the distinction of having the only approved imported pressure-centered, nausea treatment product for healthcare distribution throughout the vast regions of the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Wenting (Wendy) Zhang, former practicing Neurologist at Beijing Tiantan hospital and currently serving as the founder and CEO of SinoCure LLC, a consulting company for US medical device organizations interested in doing business in China and who represented Pressure Point said: “Pressure Right will provide a unique opportunity to the 1.3 billion population in China to enjoy the benefits of the past centuries relating to the hands-on science of acupressure for relieving the effects of nausea and vomiting. Pressure Point has managed to keep its product simple and low tech and at the same time provide the Chinese population with unique healthcare value.”

Joseph DiLustro, Chairman & CEO of Pressure Point Inc., said: “Receiving Chinese FDA approval for our product Pressure Right and entering into a trade agreement with a major distributor in China allows us to gain access to one of the major economies and populations in the world.” “We want to acknowledge the hard work of Dr. Zhang’s team that has led us through the rigorous examination process of the Chinese FDA to ensure the engineering excellence of our product for import clearance to China.”

DiLustro added: “This is where it all began for acupressure in China centuries ago, and that Pressure Right is engineered to carry out the intended hands-on continuous P-6 acupressure stimulation affect to internally shield the body from nausea and vomiting implications without drugs.”

Dr. Zhang further stated: “This product exemplifies a new and effective approach for an old and proven Chinese remedy for use in China. Other countries that rely solely on medication-driven solutions may want to follow China’s lead to reach a national nausea and vomiting-free consensus.”

About Pressure Point Inc.

Pressure Point has been granted two market clearances by the USFDA for its Pressure Right Acupressure Wrist Strips for relieving nausea and vomiting implications. Its product, Pressure Right, received clinical acclaim for its effectiveness in preventing/treating postoperative nausea and vomiting. Its submission of its clinical data to the Chinese FDA was an important determination in proving the product’s non-drug efficacy. The product’s existing low-risk profile was further examined by the Chinese FDA and was found to meet their high-quality safety criteria.