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    Nausea and vomiting is no fun at all… watch our new video and discover the secret to nausea relief!

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    Effective Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting Prevention

    Use Pressure Right Strips for the healthy prevention of nausea and vomiting prior to or after surgery. They provide nausea relief after being discharged to help you feel better at home.

U.S. Hospitals Have Prescribed Pressure Right Strips for Thousands of Patients for Nausea and Vomiting

Until recently Pressure Right® Strips have been available only to hospitals as a prescription-based anti-nausea product. Now Pressure Right Strips are FDA-cleared for consumer use.

It’s been proven that surgery patients do better with the use of Pressure Right Strips when a patient’s post-operative risk is high.

A healthier way of preventing or minimizing the effect of PONV without adverse effects associated with drug therapy is the use of the P-6 acupressure point. The smoothing anti-nausea effect of P-6 therapy becomes effective almost immediately because of the rapid response of the P-6 mode of relief action.

Pressure Right Strips are medical grade and P-6 acupressure compliant. They can provide a duration effective that can last up to 72-hours to ensure against the lasting extended effects of PONV following  surgery.

Now YOU can decide to prevent PONV from occuring, either before or after surgery, after being discharged or while recuperating at home.

Pressure Right is dedicated to healthy drug-free nausea prevention.

Nausea Relief Benefits associated with Pressure Right Strips:

  • Quickly resolve surgery related nausea
  • Minimize the feelings of nausea, vomiting, etc.
  • Reducing nausea can improve your appetite
  • Each pair of strips can last up to three days
  • Transparent adhesive strips are virtually unnoticeable.
  • Convenient for showering, comfortable while sleeping
  • Drug-free without adverse effects.