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    Clinically Accepted Nausea Prevention

    Pressure Right Strips are a valuable tool for Anesthesiologists, Oncologists and OB/GYN’s in preventing and/or treating nausea.

Promote Healthy Nausea Prevention

Pressure Right® Strips support physicians and patients with natural added nausea prevention. Nausea side effects are still considered the “little big problem” by many medical practitioners, and P-6 acupressure therapy has been shown to help prevent or alleviate nausea as an adjunct to prescribed care.

Count on Pressure Right Strips for:

  • Less usage of follow-on drugs
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Extended duration of action of up to 72 hours
  • Rapid deployment of anti-nausea response
  • Resolving motion causing nausea in patients
  • Having an on-demand anti-nausea mechanism

Pressure Right allows you to maintain a trouble-free environment by enhancing treatment of Post-Operative Nausea, Chemo-Induced Nausea or Morning Sickness.

Pressure Right’s P-6 acupressure therapy mode of anti-nausea action helps put the patient overcome the related effects of nausea.

Pricing for Medical Professionals

Contact Pressure Point for wholesale pricing on Pressure Right Strips for accredited medical professionals and institutions. Email or contact us at (908) 601-8877.