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    Natural Added Nausea Prevention

    Use Pressure Right Strips to help ease the impact of nausea and its extended adverse effects associated with chemotherapy. Give yourself the opportunity to feel better!

Healthy Chemotherapy Nausea Relief and/or Prevention For  Patients

Chemotherapy nausea reliefChemotherapy nausea relief is one of the main concerns patients have before undergoing treatment. You have a fundamental right to know about the underlying benefits of the P-6 pressure point, especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy. The P-6 pressure point can provide a special form of healthy chemotherapy nausea relief and/or prevention with no adverse side effects. Its universal coverage in the body is suitable for most cancer patients, either before or after the onset of nausea.

The FDA-cleared, Pressure Right® wrist strip provides a non-drug, clinically proven, fast acting anti-nausea benefits that are sustainable throughout the use of product. Its duration effect can last up to three days to minimize against the “delayed” or extended effects of chemo-induced nausea, which is common place either before or after the first 24-hours following chemotherapy.

You can safely use Pressure Right Strips for chemotherapy nausea relief in addition to your doctor’s prescribed care to help you get through the delayed effects of nausea brought on by chemotherapy.

Nausea Relief Benefits associated with Pressure Right Strips:

  • Quickly resolve chemo related nausea
  • Minimize the feelings of nausea, vomiting, etc.
  • Reducing nausea can improve your appetite
  • Each pair of strips can last up to three days
  • Transparent adhesive strips are virtually unnoticeable.
  • Convenient for showering, comfortable while sleeping
  • Drug-free without adverse effects.

Pressure Right is trustworthy, loyal and honest to the values of patient care. With its 100% medical grade acupressure wrist strip design, Pressure Right fully integrates all of the benefits of P-6 acupressure therapy. The drug-free, P-6 acupressure nausea resistant mechanism in the body has been used effectively in Eastern medicine dating back several centuries. Pressure Right is easy to use; very comfortable to wear; and can make a positive difference in how you feel.

No doubt, chemotherapy is a terrifying situation for most cancer patients; but it doesn’t have to be  – you can quickly experience chemotherapy nausea relief with Pressure Right Strips.