Frequently Asked Questions

New… Nausea Relief Wrist Strips for Morning Sickness,
Chemotherapy, Surgery and Travel/Motion Sickness

What are Pressure Right Strips?

Pressure Right Strips are now classified as an over-the-counter, FDA-cleared, disposable, single-use (P-6 acupressure) nausea relief wrist strip.  They are designed to remain in place for continuous use of up to three days. Previously, Pressure Right Strips were classified as a clinically accepted, prescription only (Rx) wrist strip for nausea relief designated for surgery procedures.

When is the best time to use Pressure Right Strips?

Pressure Right Strips can be used either before or after the onset of nausea sickness.

Why should I consider Pressure Right Strips?

Pressure Right wrist strips can be worn continuously day or night and are safe and effective.

How does the P6 acupressure point work?

It provides a harmonizing effect to the stomach and mind, allowing the effects of nausea to be minimized.

How quickly do Pressure Right Strips work?

Pressure Right Strips can provide rapid relief of existing nausea symptoms. They can also be used as a preventive measure against the onset of nausea.

How do I use Pressure Right Strips?

They are used on both wrists. However, before applying the strips, we suggest you first use our P-6 locator template to find your P-6 pulse site. It’s very easy to do. Then, you simply apply the wrist strips on your wrists in accordance with the product instructions.

Can Pressure Right Strips be used while sleeping and during showering?

Yes. You will find the wrist strips very comfortable while sleeping. Additionally you can shower with Pressure Right.

Additional Useful Information:

You will notice after securing the wrist strips across your wrists that the strips do not go completely around your wrist. This is an added safety feature to ensure against cutting off any circulation to the hands. Use a fresh set of wrist strips beyond 72-hours if necessary for additional and continuous relief.